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This is a step-by-step installation guide for Dude on Windows XP. Minimum requirements: Windows 2000,XP operating systems, 64MB RAM, 4MB free HDD space.

Here are the steps what you need to do, to install the Dude:

  • Download the Dude installation

The Dude installation files can be found on the Mikrotik download page.

  • Run the installation file

When opening the installation file you will get such setup menu:


  • Read and accept the license agreement


  • Choose installation components


Here you can specify which components to install together with dude, for example, Start Menu Shortcuts. Another option is to select the 'Reset Configuration' checkbox. By default this checkbox is empty. If you have already installed the Dude on this machine then you can specify this option to reset the previos Dude configuration. You should specify this option if you are installing the Dude on machine where you have an older (v0.1beta8 or older) Dude running.

  • Specify Installation location


Here you can specify the folder where the Dude and the rest files will be installed. Please make sure that you have enough free space for the instllation and also for extra files, for example, pictures, sounds, etc., that you could use in the Dude.

  • Installation process


The installation process could take up to a few minutes depending on your system performance. You can click on the 'Show details' button to see what actions are being performed during the installation or to see the installation log file.

  • Finish the installation process


When you see this page it means that the installation was successful. You can specify the checkbox if you want to run the Dude now. By default the checkbox is selected.

  • Opening the Dude


After the installation the Dude will open automatically if you have specified at the end of the installation process to run the program. If not, then you can look for the Dude icon in the Start menu or by finding the dude.exe in the folder where you have installed the Dude.