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in Some Scenarios , You May Need to Block Facebook Social Website or some others ...

This articles can help you to use some Technical Task to Block Them .

Use Content :

Mikrotik Firewall Have a Good Funection Base on Content , In This way mikrotik can Monitor to the Packets and then if see Strings in Content Field and Match Them And Take Action on Them .

Some Examples Of This Facility Of Content Filtering Is [ Blocking Web Pages Base Url's , Blocking Files Base Names , Block Files Base Extensions , Etc ]

Example : Block Facebook Webpage Base Content String .

Firewall Filter
Chain : Forward
Protocol : TCP
Port : 80,443
Content : Facebook
Action : Drop

Exploration : In Any Request Of Users , Mikrotik Match Facebook String , He Match That Packets And Block Them .

Example : Block 123 String

Firewall Filter
Chain : Forward
Protocol : TCP
Port : 80
Content : 123
Action : Drop

Exploration : In This rule if routerboard match 123 String in Url Or Files , He Block Them , Note to that , you can only Search 123 In Google Website .

Way 2 : Simple Blocking Websites

we can obtain ip address of that websites we want to block them .

we can use Nslookup Tool for Acquire their Ip Address .



if we have more than one ip address for facebook website , we can add them to one Address List and block that list .

Firewall Filter
Chain = Forward
Dst-Address =   Or  [ Facebook Address List ]
Action = Drop

Reza Moghadam

--MikroTik Certified Trainer 16:10, 12 April 2013 (UTC)