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MikroTik User Manager can be downloaded from the MikroTik download page: MikroTik User Manager, choose system and software type and All packages.


Perform the usual router upgrade steps - upload the User Manager package to the router's FTP server and reboot the router.

Create first Customer


Note: Starting from version 3.0 a default Subscriber/Customer with login admin and empty password is created when User Manager package is installed for the first time. I.e., the 'admin' subscriber/customer account is created only if the User Manager package was not installed prior to version 3.0.

If you are using a version prior to 4-test, Customers were called subscribers, so then the first subscriber must be added using Mikrotik terminal (console). All the configuration is done under the /tool user-manager menu.

To create a v3 subscriber or v4-test/v5 Customer you should go to /tool user-manager customer menu and execute add command. It will ask for the username which you will use.

or you can enter this into the command line:

 [admin@USER_MAN] /tool user-manager customer> add login="admin" 
password="PASSWORD" permissions=owner

You can use the following command to change the password for the 'admin' user:

 [admin@USER_MAN] /tool user-manager customer set admin password=PASSWORD

After that you can use print command to see what you have added.

 [admin@USER_MAN] /tool user-manager customer> print
  Flags: X - disabled
   0   login="admin" password="adminpassword" backup-allowed=yes currency="USD" 
       time-zone=-00:00 permissions=owner signup-allowed=no paypal-allowed=no
       paypal-secure-response=no paypal-accept-pending=no

Note: Subscriber shown only in version 3

After that you can use the web interface.

Use web interface

To log on customer web interface type the following address in your web browser: http://Router_IP_address/userman

where "Router_IP_address" must be replaced with IP address of your router.

Use login and password of the subscriber you have created in console.

Note: On RouterOS 4.1, User-manger webinterface is unreachable with an HTTP 404 when attempting to navigate to http://inside_ip/userman from behind a Hotspot interface where inside_ip is an non-NAT'd IP address on the router. Two workarounds: change the 'www' service port from 80 to something other than 80 or 8080, such as port 81. Then use http://inside_ip:81/userman, or use an IP address hotspot users are NAT'd to (http://outside_ip/userman) instead.