Bandwidth Control in a Service Provider network

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  • Access / Aggregation Device - Devices that connect the End User to Your network. Probably some sort of "point-to-multipoint" thing such as:

- miniPCI card in the EdgeRouter (either WAP or Ethernet ports) - Wireless Access Point, separate from EdgeRouter - router with T1/T3/OC3s, etc. - DSLAM (Frame Relay / ATM switch) - Ethernet switch or bridge - Analog/ISDN modem bank - VPN concentrator

  • Backhaul / Backbone - Links between PoPs and other PoPs or Central Office(s)
  • Backhaul / Backbone Device(s) - Devices that route or bridge IP traffic bewteen PoPs and Central Office(s).
  • Bandwidth Control - The act of prioritizing and rate limiting IP traffic.
  • Bandwidth Control Device - A Mikrotik router performing Classification, Marking, Prioritization, and Rate Limiting on IP traffic.
  • Border - The line between You and The Internet (your upstream internet providers and/or peers). The boundary between two different Autonomous Systems.
  • Border Router(s) - Device(s) connecting Your Network to The Internet (Your upstream providers or peers).
    • In single-homed networks, the router connecting to upstream internet provider. Could run external BGP or have default route with next hop of upstream provider.
    • In multi-homed networks, border routers most likely run external BGP
    • For most IGP protocols like OSPF or EIGRP, this is the origination point(s) of the default route which gets distributed to the network.
  • Bridged interface - one or more physical interfaces that are linked together to form a single logical interface that can be used as a Bandwidth Control upload or download interface.
  • Central Office - The physical location(s) where your network receives a connection from upstream providers and/or peers.
  • Class - A bandwidth control grouping that defines a maximum upload and/or download speeds.
  • Download - Traffic flowing FROM the internet TO the End User
  • Download interface - The interface on the Bandwidth Control Device that is or connects to the Access Device.
  • Edge - The line between "you" (the network where bandwidth control is being deployed, probably the reader of this document!) and the End User of "your" service.
  • EdgeRouter - A router placed as close as possible to the edge of the network. Probably placed between Backhaul device and Access device
  • End User / Customer / Client - The entity under bandwidth control. In general, this refers to the IP Address(es) assigned to the actual entity.

- For an ISP, this is a customer - For a school, this could be faculty, staff, or student. - For typical businesses & government, this is employees

  • Upload - Traffic flowing FROM the End User TO the internet
  • Upload interface - The interface on the Bandwidth Control Device that is or connects to the Backbone device
  • You/Your - The entity performing bandwidth control, Most likely the reader of this document! From the End User's perspective, this could be the ISP, the school, or the business/government.