Bridging Networks with SXT

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Two RouterBOARD SXT devices can be used to establish transparent wireless point-to-point network link. There are multiple options how to do that. This guide shows the most simple and easiest way how to do that by using bridge wireless mode on one side and station-bridge wireless mode on the other side.

RouterBOARD SXT devices has only Level 3 RouterOS license, but even with that it is possible to make wireless connection between two SXT devices.

1. Make connection to the RouterBOARD SXT

There are multiple ways how to connect to the RouterBOARD (winbox, webfig, telnet, ssh, ...), but this guide will show how to configure the device using Winbox utility. Winbox utility can be downloaded from the MikroTik webpage ( Winbox) or from the RouterBOARDs webpage. The SXT device by default has IP address configured as a default IP address on the ethernet interface. In order to connect to the SXT device make sure your computers IP address range is form the same network address space. Connect the ethernet cable from the PC to the SXT device and power it on. Open the Winbox utility and in the "Connect To" field write the IP address of the SXT device. If it can't connect click on the "..." button to search for a RouterOS based devices. In that discovery windows select the SXT device IP or MAC which you found and click Connect.


2. Configure the first SXT device to the wireless bridge mode

3. Configure the second SXT device to the wireless station-bridge mode

4. Finetuning the RouterOS configuration to get the max speed.