Dynamic DNS Update Script for DNSoMatic.com behind NAT

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This script is a solution made of others solutions (nothing new). The goal is to update your account on DNSoMatic.com. The main advantage on this solution is that DNSoMatic offers the possibility of propagating DNS updates to thirth party DNSlike systems like OpenDNS, DynDNS, Change IP and other 27 more.

Thanks all for your solutions... with this solution DNS filtering option from OpenDNS gets open without client software.

Note: The script below is RouterOS 4.2 Tested! It should also work on 3.x series RouterOS.

# DNSoMatic automatic DNS updates
# User account info of DNSoMatic
:global maticuser "user"
:global maticpass "password"
:global matichost "Yourhost"
# No more changes need

:global previousIP

# Print values for debug
:log info "DNSoMatic: Updating dynamic IP on DNS for host $matichost"
:log info "DNSoMatic: User $maticuser y Pass $maticpass"
:log info "DNSoMatic: Last IP $previousIP"

# get the current IP address from the internet (in case of double-nat)
/tool fetch mode=http address="checkip.dyndns.org" src-path="/" dst-path="/dyndns.checkip.html"
:local result [/file get dyndns.checkip.html contents]

# parse the current IP result
:local resultLen [:len $result]
:local startLoc [:find $result ": " -1]
:set startLoc ($startLoc + 2)
:local endLoc [:find $result "</body>" -1]
:global currentIP [:pick $result $startLoc $endLoc]
:log info "DNSoMatic: IP actual $currentIP"

# Touching the string passed to fetch command on "src-path" option
:local str "/nic/update?hostname=$matichost&myip=$currentIP&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG"

:if ($currentIP != $previousIP) do={
:log info "DNSoMatic: Update need"
:set previousIP $currentIP
:log info "DNSoMatic: Sending update $currentIP"
:log info [ :put [/tool fetch host=MT user=$maticuser password=$maticpass mode=http address="updates.dnsomatic.com" src-path=$str dst-path=$matichost]]
:log info "DNSoMatic: Host $matichost updated on DNSoMatic with IP $currentIP"
}  else={
:log info "DNSoMatic: Previous IP $previousIP and current $currentIP equal, no update need"
This will also need you to configure scheduler entry for periodical runs.

gwicon 28/nov/2009