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If you came to this page means - your e-mail was rejected by our mail server because it was recognized as spam due to one of the following reasons:

  • your SMTP server is blacklisted in international "spam databases"
  • you have not configured your e-mail client properly (missing From name)
  • your e-mail contains improper HTML

To succeed, please, configure your e-mail client, choose another mail provider and re-send your message with a little explanation that you are resending this message because first time your message was rejected, and we will see your message and reply to you.

Problems with sending e-mail, get 550 response

I have to use other account because your recent email server restrictions that requires rDNS and A record to be matched, all my emails got rejected...

You have to have fully qualified domain name assigned to your outgoing SMTP server. As an example, my email server is named "box", and my domain name is example.com then fully qualified domain name will be box.example.com, that should resolve to your e-mail server.

For more details read RFC 2821