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If you want to receive notice that something is down you need to look first at how the Dude looks at the status of a device.

Here is the order of things

1st: Up -> 2nd: unstable -> 3rd: down

So if you want notification when it's unstable put a check next to: up -> unstable

if you want notification when it's down you would put a check next to: unstable -> down

and for when it's back up from down you would put your check next to: down -> up

or for when it back up from unstable put your check next to: unstable -> up

I only look for Status of Down and then back up.

So I only have checks next to

unstable -> down

down -> up

To give you an idea of a standard email notification when something goes down:

Tab: General 1) Create a notification > Type Email 2) if you have set up a default SMTP server in "settings" it will be used, otherwise you can tick the "server" box and provide a different IP address 3) To: Where the notification should be sent to 4) evtl. cc 5) Subject: Feel free to modify but be careful, you can only use the variables that are offered by the system. 6) Body: Same

Tab: Schedule If you want your notification only during specific hours you can "exclude" certain hours by marking them "inactive" - no email will be sent in these times

Tab: Advanced Delay: Specify a delay you want before the email is sent (when you use multiple notifiers you might want it delayed so it arrives in your mailbox last (i.e. on top) Repeat Interval: Send the email again after x seconds Repeat Count: how often to be sent On Status: For a standard notification to let you know that something is down or up just select: down > up unstable > down up > down

Now say OK and apply the notification to where you want it. To a single probe, a device, a network map or global. Note that a device setting overrules a global setting and a probe setting overrules a device setting.

TO DO: Screenshots!!!