How to Detect and Block Hotspot Shield program traffic(openvpn application)

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Some companies and organizations has its own security policy sometimes they use OPENDNS addresses in order to prevent users in these companies and organization from accessing certain web sites but there are many PROXY and VPN client programs that can help you bypass these policies and one of the most famous and fastest VPN client program is Hotspot-Shield it is free program and easy to install and use keep in your mind that this kind of prgrams doesn't use specific TCP ,UDP ports to establish VPN connection with different VPN server around the world so it do port hopping and it is use a well known port number to communicate with VPN server which is 443 as its destination port address i have tried to block with TCP or UDP port addresses also when i block 443 it can not establish connection with VPN server i have tried to block it using OPENDNS but no way after searching in many web sites i found that i can block this program if i have a digital signature for it but i don't have also i found we can match on connection with tcp port 80 content in order to see the traffic that program send it .although that we can match the traffic but we can not block it

if you want to block this traffic in mikrotik v3.30 you have to add these rules into mangle and firewall

mangle rules

   ip firewall mangle
   add action=add-dst-to-address-list address-list=WhiteList \
   address-list-timeout=4w2d chain=prerouting comment=WhiteList content=\
   ! disabled=no dst-port=80 protocol=tcp
   add action=add-src-to-address-list address-list=HotSpotShieldUsers \
   address-list-timeout=1h chain=prerouting comment=HotSpotShieldUsers \
   content= disabled=no dst-port=80 protocol=tcp

firewall rules

   ip firewall filter
   add action=log chain=forward comment="Allow WhiteLists" disabled=no \
   dst-address-list=WhiteList log-prefix=WhiteLists
   add action=accept chain=forward comment="" disabled=no dst-address-list=\
   add action=log chain=forward comment="\"Block HotSpot Shield\"" disabled=no \
   log-prefix=HotSpotShield src-address-list=HotSpotShieldUsers
   add action=drop chain=forward comment="\"Block HotSpot Shield\"" disabled=no \