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Assume that we have 2 mikrotik's.The first mikrotik is a AP (access point) and the second mikrotik is a wireless client (wlan1) that is connected via lan to you'r computer.

And you wanna connect to a AP (Access Point) with wireless client card (wlan1) but because we can't bridge wireless client and ethernet, we must build a routing protocol.

The easy way is to this is with rip routing...

Let us assume that the AP have ip address the wireless client card have ip address and the ethernet clinet (bridge,see next step) have the ip

First you can add the ethernet interface to bridge...It's not necessary but in the future if you update your mikrotik with another ethernet or make a Access Point you can just add to the same bridge those others interfaces.

File:Slika01.jpg File:Slika03.jpg

Next you have to set the ip of the wlan1 client card and the ethernet card (eth1).

File:Slika04.jpg File:Slika07.jpg

Next ensure that wlan1 is connected to AP,on mikrotik 2 (client site)

File:Slika13.jpg File:Slika14.jpg

Next step: go to IP > rip > settings and set the first 3 Redistribute to yes, and set to interfaces list only bridge and wlan1 interface...Don't set eth1 or any other interface that you have set it to interface bridge1.


After that set to the network the 2 subnets ( and Next go to Neighbours and set the ip of the AP that you are connecting (


And that's it... to be sure that the RIP is working go routes and there must be some updates. But to be absolutely sure you can go to Tools>ping> and ping the ip od the AP