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[[Option_Globetrotter_HSDPA_USB_Modem]] WiKi page with similar setup for an USB modem.
[[Option_Globetrotter_HSDPA_USB_Modem]] WiKi page with similar setup for an USB modem.
[[Category: Hardware]]

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This example shows how to get this card working with LMT (Latvian Mobile Telephone) service. Service in your country might have different requirements and strings, but this is just to give you an outline of what is required.

This is what we used:

Hardware: RB230 + HUAWEI E630 Data Card Software: RouterOS V3.0beta10

When inserted, the card is recognized as USB port, actually, there are three of them (usb1, usb2, usb3) under the ports list.

LMT requires, that you specify remote IP address for the ppp connection, therefore we create a new profile:

/ppp profile add name=ppp-LMT remote-address=

The modem initialization string for HUAWEI is


the number to dial is *99***1# no username and no password. Therefore we create a ppp-client interface as follows:

/interface ppp-client \
add port=usb1 profile=ppp-LMT dial-command=ATDT phone=*99***1# \
modem-init="AT+CGDCONT=1,\"IP\",\"internet.lmt.lv\"" \
add-default-route=yes use-peer-dns=yes

You get a nice interface, jut enable it and go!

/interface ppp-client print
 0 X  name="ppp-out1" max-mtu=1500 max-mru=1500 port=usb1 user=""
      password="" profile=ppp-LMT phone="*99***1#" dial-command="ATDT" 
      modem-init="AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet.lmt.lv"" null-modem=no 
      dial-on-demand=no add-default-route=yes use-peer-dns=yes 

The interface monitor will say status:

/interface ppp-client monitor ppp-out1
status: initializing modem...
status: dialing out...
status: authenticated
status: connected

There is IP address assigned and default route installed:

 [admin@LMT-test] > ip address print
Flags: X - disabled, I - invalid, D - dynamic 
#   ADDRESS            NETWORK         BROADCAST       INTERFACE
0 D         ppp-out1
[admin@LMT-test] > ip route print
Flags: X - disabled, A - active, D - dynamic, 
C - connect, S - static, r - rip, b - bgp, o - ospf, m - mme, 
B - blackhole, U - unreachable, P - prohibit 
#      DST-ADDRESS        PREF-SRC        G GATEWAY         DIS INTER...
0 AD                          r   1   ppp-out1
1 ADC                      0   ppp-out1
[admin@LMT-test] >

We were achieving ~770kbps download speeds when the HUAWEI cards indicator was blue (UMTS), and ~122kbps when green (GPRS). Better results are if you turn off compression in the ppp profile.

Additional Resources

Option_Globetrotter_HSDPA_USB_Modem WiKi page with similar setup for an USB modem.