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Day 1

Day 2

  • Two case studies: Internet with 3G on public transports and a smart way to have autoconfigurable hotspots by Enrico Betti (Townet, Italy)
  • Routing Security - Threats and best practices for External and Internal Routing. by Wardner Maia (MD Brazil, Brazil)
  • Using Mikrotik's API along with PHP based management system by Mikolaj Jopczynski (Tychy Online, Poland)
  • Bridged to Routed by Dennis Burgess (Link Technologies, USA)
  • RouterOS v5 released by Janis Megis, MikroTik (Latvia)
  • ID card based authentication in public WiFi hotspot by Imre Kuus (Sonictest, Estonia)
  • How to reach the maximum throughput in MIMO radio links by Ahmad Mortazavi (Deltalink Electronic, Turkey)
  • Largescale WiFi OSPF networking by Jan Hejtm?nek (Discomp, s.r.o., Czech Republic)
  • Where do you want to go today? (Remote config) by Ing.Dezider Brig?n (SEVENET s.r.o., Hungary)
  • Connecting homes with VPN by Vizi Gyorgy Tamas (Hungary)