MUM 2015 NZ

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[EOIP fun: Two Handy Uses for Ethernet over IP Tunnel] by Mike Everest (DuxTel Pty Ltd, Australia)

[CCR Tuning in Infrastructure Use] by Alexander Neilson (UFONE, New Zealand)

Meeting the Challenge of Gigatown by Stu Fleming (WIC, New Zealand)

[MikroTik in a City FreeNet Application] by Michael Borthwick (DuxTel Pty Ltd, Australia)

[CAPsMAN case study] by Stuart Campbell (Campbell Technology Limited, New Zealand)

[Quality of service in wireless service provider networks] by Russell Tester (Mektric, New Zealand)

[Scaling fixed wireless networks with MikroTik] by John O'Connor (Inspire Net Ltd, New Zealand)

[Hotspot User Management Portal] by Nick Perkins (Technology Solutions, New Zealand)

[The evolution of an alternative broadband ecosystem] by Chris O'Connell (Digital Development Associates Ltd, New Zealand)