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  • [High Density Indoor Wireless Networks using CAPSMAN] by Luciano Franz (Computech Tecnologia, Brazil)
  • [3G/4G Solutions with RouterOS] by Brian Vargyas (Baltic Networks, USA)
  • [Design and Implement VLAN Translations/Rewrites using Switches and Routers] by Kevin Myers (IP ArchiTechs Managed Services, USA)
  • [Alternative RouterOS management from a centralized location] by Jovan Strika (Macrotick, USA)
  • [BGP and Security workshop] by Tom Smyth (Wireless Connect, Ireland)
  • MikroTik Scripting by Brian Horn (WISP TRACON LLC, USA)
  • [Packet Manipulation with MikroTik] by Rick Frey (Rick Frey Consulting, USA)
  • Deployment of Mikrotik RouterOS as Enterprise Appliance in Corporate Network by Abiola Oseni (Trisat Communications Limited, Nigeria)
  • [Handling power outage using Mikrotik scripting and UPS package] by Jovan Strika (Macrotick, USA)
  • Using BGP for QOS by Greg Sowell (Greg Sowell Awesome LLC, USA)
  • [Case Study] by Steve Discher (ISP Supplies, USA)
  • Large Scale Wireless System by Pat Harris (U.S. Sugar, USA)
  • MKE SOLUTIONS.pdf Como calcular los niveles de señal necesarios by Ing. Mario Clep (MKE Solutions, Argentina)
  • [Router Management Overlay Network (RoMON) Case study] by Uldis Cernevskis (MikroTik, Latvia)
  • [vpn's between mikrotik and 3rd party devices] by Vince Godinich (Godinich Consulting, USA)
  • Hotspot with External Login Page by Michael Senn (Quality Industrial Construction, Honduras)
  • IPv6 Deployment in Wireless Network by Dennis Burgess (Link Technologies, USA)