Manual:CHR Hyper-V installation

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Setting up the guest

  • Step 1: Choose to make new Hyper-V guest

Hyper1.png Choose a name of the guest Hyper2.png

  • Step 2: "Generation 1" should be used for RouterOS guests


  • Step 3: Select amount of RAM available for the guest, deselect dynamic management


  • Step 4: Choose networking capabilities for your new router.


  • Step 5: Do not create a new drive for the guest, instead, select option - "Use existing disk" and browse to the download folder where you have downloaded the VHDX image from the MikroTik download page.


  • Step 6: Select the downloaded image file.


  • Step 7: The summary of the configuration.


  • Step 8: Setup is complete, just start the created guest.


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