Manual:CHR ProxMox installation

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  • Create a new guest with the system disk and other devices as required.
  • Then you have to manually upload the CHR disk (.img) on the ProxMox host.
  • Use scp or any other comparable tool as that will use SSH for the upload and it does not require any additional configuration.
  • Either copy the file to the server and then manually edit the VM's .conf file or replace previously created system image file used for booting the guest.
  • Local storage on ProxMox is in /var/lib/vz directory. There should be a subdirectory called images with a directory for each VM (named by the VM number). You can copy the files directly there.
  • For adding the existing file to the VM, edit the VM's .conf file directly. Look in /etc/pve/qemu-server/ for a file with the VM number followed by .conf.

Note: It's a good idea to create a second test VM so you can refer to it's .conf file to make sure you get the syntax right