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This article describes the basic setup of Point-to-Point EoMPLS with Cisco routers. In this example IOS 15.1 was used, configuration in older versions may differ.


Consider network setup as ilustrated below:


We will be setting up the layer 2 connection between the CE and PE routers as well as the MPLS and EoMPLS between PE routers. The layer 2 link between the CE and PE routers will be an Ethernet circuit.

Set up IP connectivity, OSPF and LDP

/ip address add address= interface=ether1
/ip address add address= interface=ether2

PE1 (RouterOS):
/interface bridge add name=loopback0

/ip address
add address= interface=loopback0
add address= interface=ether1

/mpls ldp
set enabled=yes lsr-id= transport-address=

/mpls ldp interface
add interface=ether1

/routing ospf network
add area=backbone network=
add area=backbone network=

PE2 (IOS):
mpls label protocol ldp
interface Loopback0
 ip address
interface GigabitEthernet5/1
 ip address
 mpls ip
 mpls label protocol ldp
router ospf 1
 redistribute connected
 network area 0
 network area 0

Configure EoMPLS tunnel

PE1 (RouterOS):
/interface bridge
add name=vpn

/interface vpls
add cisco-style=yes cisco-style-id=111 disabled=no l2mtu=1500 name=cisco-eompls \
    remote-peer= use-control-word=yes

/interface bridge port
add interface=ether2 bridge=vpn
add interface=cisco-eompls bridge=vpn

PE2 (IOS):
pseudowire-class l2vpn
 encapsulation mpls
interface GigabitEthernet5/2
 no ip address
 xconnect 111 pw-class l2vpn
  mtu 1500

Adjust MTUs

PE1 (RouterOS):
/mpls interface
set [find interface=all ] mpls-mtu=1526

PE2 (IOS):
interface GigabitEthernet5/1
 mtu 1526
 ip mtu 1500
 mpls mtu 1526

Verify Tunnel Operation

PE1 (RouterOS):
[admin@RouterOS] /interface vpls> monitor 0
       remote-label: 19
        local-label: 21
     imposed-labels: 19

PE2 (IOS):
C7606#show mpls l2transport vc

Local intf     Local circuit              Dest address    VC ID      Status    
-------------  -------------------------- --------------- ---------- ----------
Gi5/2          Ethernet           111        UP   

For more detailed output:

C7606#show mpls l2transport vc detail 
Local interface: Gi5/2 up, line protocol up, Ethernet up
  Destination address:, VC ID: 111, VC status: up
    Output interface: Gi5/1, imposed label stack {21}
    Preferred path: not configured  
    Default path: active
    Next hop:
  Create time: 2d21h, last status change time: 01:36:12
  Signaling protocol: LDP, peer up
    Targeted Hello: Id) ->, LDP is UP
    Status TLV support (local/remote)   : enabled/not supported
      LDP route watch                   : enabled
      Label/status state machine        : established, LruRru
      Last local dataplane   status rcvd: No fault
      Last local SSS circuit status rcvd: No fault
      Last local SSS circuit status sent: No fault
      Last local  LDP TLV    status sent: No fault
      Last remote LDP TLV    status rcvd: Not sent
      Last remote LDP ADJ    status rcvd: No fault
    MPLS VC labels: local 19, remote 21 
    Group ID: local 0, remote 0
    MTU: local 1500, remote 1500
    Remote interface description: 
  Sequencing: receive disabled, send disabled
  Control Word: On
  VC statistics:
    transit packet totals: receive 6073, send 5394
    transit byte totals:   receive 1309806, send 758021
    transit packet drops:  receive 0, seq error 0, send 18

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