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Applies to RouterOS: v3, v4, v5+

Walled Garden

Sub-menu: /ip hotspot walled-garden

HTTP walled-garden, menu allows to set authentication bypass for HTTP and HTTPs resources


Property Description
action (allow | deny; Default: allow) Action to perform, when packet matches the rule
  • allow - allow access to the web-page without authorization
  • deny - the authorization is required to access the web-page
server (string; Default: ) Name of the HotSpot server, rule is applied to.
src-address (IP; Default: ) Source address of the user, usually IP address of the HotSpot client
dst-address (IP; Default: ) Destination IP address, IP address of the WEB-server
method (string; Default: ) HTTP method of the request
dst-host (string; Default: ) Domain name of the destination web-server
dst-port (integer; Default: ) TCP port number, client sends request to
path (string; Default: ) The path of the request, path comes after '''http://dst_host/'''

IP Walled Garden

Sub-menu: /ip hotspot walled-garden ip

Walled-garden menu for the IP requests (Winbox, SSH, Telnet, SIP, etc.)


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