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RouterOS supports MikroTik neighbour discovery that can be configured in /ip neighbor discovery information received from broadcast messages sent by other routers that are compatible with MikroTik neghbor discovery protocol is displayed under /ip neighbor


This is part of system package and no additional packages are not necessary. To broadcast and process discovery information interfaces should be set to do so under /ip neighbor discovery


Menu: /ip neigbor

In this menu is read-only and displays discovery information from routers in same Layer-2 area where interface is set to participate in neighbour discovery.

Property Desciption
interface (interface name) interface that received discovery packet from other hosts in Layer-2 area
address (IP address) IP address of the neighbour interface discovery packet originated from
mac-address (MAC address) mac address of the neighbour interface discovery packet originated from
identity (text) set identification tag of system sending out discovery information
platform (text) platform of system sending out discovery information
version (text) version of software of system sending out discovery information
unpack (none|simple|uncompressed-headers|uncompressed-all) what packet compression is used by neighbour system
age (time) time that has passed since last discovery packet was received from neighbour
uptime (time) uptime of system sending discovery information
software-id (text) Software id of neighbour system that sends out discovery information

Discovery configuration

Menu: /ip neighbor discovery In this menu is possible to change state of the interface weather it participates in neighbour discovery or not. If it does, it will send out basic information about system and process received discovery packets broadcasted in Layer-2 network interface is part of. List of interfaces is automatically managed by RouterOS. Items in the list cannot be removed nor added.

Property Desciption
discover (yes|no) weather to send and receive discovery information over connected Layer-2 network