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Applies to RouterOS: v3, v4


Sub-menu: /ip proxy

Standards: RFC 1945, RFC 2616

This service performs proxying of HTTP and HTTP-proxy (for FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols) requests. Web proxy performs Internet object cache function by storing requested Internet objects, i.e., data available via HTTP and FTP protocols on a system positioned closer to the recipient than the site the data is originated from. Here 'closer' means increased path reliability, speed or both. Web browsers can then use the local proxy cache to speed up access and reduce bandwidth consumption. When setting up proxy service, make sure it serves only your clients, and is not misused as relay. Please read the security notice in the Access List Section! Note that it may be useful to have Web proxy running even with no cache when you want to use it only as something like HTTP and FTP firewall (for example, denying access to mp3 files) or to redirect requests to external proxy (possibly, to a proxy with caching functions) transparently.


Sub-menu: /ip proxy

Property Description
cache-administrator (string; Default: webmaster) Administrator's e-mail displayed on proxy error page
cache-drive (string; Default: system ) Specifies the target disk drive to be used for storing cached objects. You can use console completion to see the list of available drives
cache-only-on-disk (yes | no; Default: yes) Whether to create database in memory that describes cache contents on disk. This will minimize memory consumption, but may affect speed.
max-disk-cache-size (none | unlimited | integer: 0..4294967295; Default: none ) Specifies the maximal disk cache size, measured in kibibytes

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