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Applies to RouterOS: v5.9 +


Quick setup example


Sub-menu: /ipv6 dhcp-client

Property Description
comment (string; Default: ) Short description of the client
disabled (yes | no; Default: no)
interface (string; Default: ) Interface on which DHCPv6 client will be running.
pool-name (string; Default: ) Name of the IPv6 pool in which received IPv6 prefix will be added
pool-prefix-length (string; Default: ) Prefix length parameter that will be set for IPv6 pool in which received IPv6 prefix is added. Prefix length must be greater than the length of received prefix, otherwise prefix-length will be set to received prefix length + 8 bits.


Command /ipv6 dhcp-client print detail will show current status of dhcp client and read-only properties listed in table below:

Property Description
dynamic (yes | no)
expires-after (time) Time when the IPv6 prefix expires (specified by the DHCPv6 server).
invalid (yes | no) Shows whether configuration is invalid.
prefix (IPv6 prefix) Shows received IPv6 prefix from DHCPv6-PD server
status (stopped | searching | requesting... | bound | renewing | rebinding | error | stopping) Shows the status of DHCPv6 Client:
  • stopped - dhcpv6 client is stopped
  • searching - sending "solicit" and trying to get "advertise"
  • requesting - sent "request" waiting for "reply"
  • bound - received "reply". Prefix assigned.
  • renewing - sent "renew", waiting for "reply"
  • rebinding - sent "rebind", waiting for "reply"
  • error - reply was not received in time or some other error ocurred.
  • stopping - sent "release"

Menu specific commands

Property Description
release (numbers) Release current binding and restart DHCPv6 client
renew (numbers) Renew current leases. If the renew operation was not successful, client tries to reinitialize lease (i.e. it starts lease request procedure (rebind) as if it had not received an IP address yet)