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|desc=Set dynamic binding as static.
|desc=Set dynamic binding as static.

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Applies to RouterOS: v3, v4, v5+


Standards: RFC 3315, RFC 3633
Package: dhcp,ipv6


Sub-menu: /ipv6 dhcp-server


Property Description
authoritative (; Default: )
delay-threshold (; Default: )
disabled (; Default: )
lease-time (; Default: )
address-pool (; Default: )
interface (; Default: )
name (; Default: )

Read-only Properties

Property Description
dynamic (yes | no)
invalid (yes | no)


Sub-menu: /ipv6 dhcp-server binding

DUID is used only for dynamic bindings, so if it changes then client will receive different prefix than previously.

Property Description
address (IPv6 prefix; Default: ) IPv6 prefix that will be assigned to the client
comment (string; Default: ) Short description of an item.
disabled (yes | no; Default: no) Whether item is disabled
life-time (time; Default: 3d) Time period after which binding expires/
duid (string; Default: )
iaid (integer [0..4294967295]; Default: )
server (string | all; Default: all) Name of the server. If set to all, then binding applies to all created DHCPv6 servers.

Read-only properties

Property Description
dynamic (yes | no) Whether item is dynamically created.
expires-after (time) Time period after which binding expires.
last-seen (time) Time period since client was last seen.
status (waiting | offered | bound) Three status vales are possible:
  • waiting - Shown for static bindings if it is not used. For dynamic bindings this status is shown if it was used previously, server will wait 10 minutes to allow old client to get this binding, otherwise binding will be cleared and prefix willbe offered to other clients.
  • offered - if solicit message was received, and server responded with advertise message, but request was not received. During this state client have 2 minutes to get this binding, otherwise it is freed or changed status to waiting for static bindings.
  • bound - currently bound.

For example, dynamically assigned /62 prefix

[admin@RB493G] /ipv6 dhcp-server binding> print detail 
Flags: X - disabled, D - dynamic 
 0 D address=2a02:610:7501:ff00::/62 duid="1605fcb400241d1781f7" iaid=0 
     server=local-dhcp life-time=3d status=bound expires-after=2d23h40m10s 

 1 D address=2a02:610:7501:ff04::/62 duid="0019d1393535" iaid=2 
     server=local-dhcp life-time=3d status=bound expires-after=2d23h43m47s 

Menu specific commands

Property Description
make-static () Set dynamic binding as static.

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