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Applies to RouterOS: v5.7+


Sub-menu: /ipv6 pool
Package : IPv6

IPv6 pools are used to define range of IPv6 addresses that is used for DHCPv6 server and Point-to-Point servers

IPv6 pools simply group IPv6 addresses for further usage. It is a single configuration point for all features that assign IPv6 addresses to clients.

Pool Configuration

Property Description
name (string; Default: ) Descriptive name of the pool.
prefix (IPv6/0..128; Default: ) Ipv6 address prefix
prefix-length (integer [1..128]; Default: ) Option represents the prefix size that will be give out to the client.


Define a pool named "test" with prefix "2001::/64":

[admin@test-host] /ipv6 pool> add            
name: test
prefix: 2001::/60
prefix-length: 62
[admin@test-host] /ipv6 pool> print 
 # NAME                  PREFIX                                     PREFIX-LENGTH
 0 test                  2001::/60                                       62bits
[admin@test-host] /ipv6 pool>

Used Addresses from Pool

Sub-menu: /ipv6 pool used

In this menu you can see all used IPv6 addresses from the pools.

All properties are read-only.

Property Description
info (string) Shows DUID related information. For example if info="ether/00:24:1D:17:81:F7 4e71d294" , it means that client sent DUID-LLT with ethernet mac address and timestamp (last part is raw timestamp in hex).
owner (string) What reserved the prefix ("DHCP", etc.)
pool (string) Name of the pool.
prefix (IPv6/0..128) IPv6 prefix that is assigned to client form the pool.

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