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Applies to RouterOS: v5.7+


Sub-menu: /ipv6 pool
Package : IPv6

IPv6 pools are used to define range of IPv6 addresses that is used for DHCPv6 server and Point-to-Point servers

IPv6 pools simply group IPv6 addresses for further usage. It is a single configuration point for all features that assign IPv6 addresses to clients.

Pool Configuration

Property Description
name (string; Default: ) Descriptive name of the pool.
prefix (IPv6/0..128; Default: ) Ipv6 address prefix
prefix-length (integer [1..128]; Default: ) Option represents the prefix size that will be give out to the client.

Read-only properties

Property Description
dynamic (yes | no) Whether pool is dynamic.
id (integer)
expire-time (time) Expire time is set to dynamic pools added by DHCPv6 client.


Example will create a pool of "2001::/60" to give out /62 prefixes:

[admin@test-host] /ipv6 pool> add            
name: test
prefix: 2001::/60
prefix-length: 62
[admin@test-host] /ipv6 pool> print 
 # NAME                  PREFIX                                     PREFIX-LENGTH
 0 test                  2001::/60                                       62bits
[admin@test-host] /ipv6 pool>

Used Addresses from Pool

Sub-menu: /ipv6 pool used

In this menu you can see all used IPv6 addresses from the pools.

All properties are read-only.

Property Description
info (string) Shows DUID related information received from client (value in hex).Can contain also raw timestamp in hex.
owner (string) What reserved the prefix ("DHCP", etc.)
pool (string) Name of the pool.
prefix (IPv6/0..128) IPv6 prefix that is assigned to client form the pool.

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