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Applies to RouterOS: v6+


Sub-menu: /ipv6 settings

IPv6 Settings allows to configure several IPv6 related kernel parameters.


Warning: If changing settings the new configuration should not result with SLAAC address assigned to the router, the router have to be rebooted, or wait till SLAAC address times out


Property Description
forward (yes | no; Default: yes) Enable/disable packet forwarding between interfaces.
accept-redirects (no | yes-if-forwarding-disabled; Default: yes-if-forwarding-disabled) Whether to accept ICMP redirect messages. Typically should be enabled on host and disabled on routers.
accept-router-advertisements (no | yes | yes-if-forwarding-disabled; Default: yes-if-forwarding-disabled) Accept router advertisement (RA) messages. If enabled router will be able to get address using stateless address configuration

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