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Applies to RouterOS: v3, v4+


Sub-menu: /interface ethernet
Standards: IEEE 802.3

MikroTik RouterOS supports various types of Ethernet interfaces.


Property Description
arp (disabled | enabled | proxy-arp | reply-only; Default: enabled) Address Resolution Protocol mode
auto-negotiation (yes | no; Default: yes) When enabled, the interface "advertises" its maximum capabilities to achieve the best connection possible.
Note: Auto-negotiation must be disabled on both ends, otherwise Ethernets may not work properly.
Note2: Gigabit link cannot work with auto-negotiation disabled.
bandwidth (integer/integer; Default: unlimited/unlimited) Sets max rx/tx bandwidth that will be handled by an interface.
cable-setting (default | short | standard; Default: default) changes the cable length setting (only applicable to NS DP83815/6 cards)
disable-running-check (yes | no; Default: yes) Disable running check. If this value is set to 'no', the router automatically detects whether the NIC is connected with a device in the network or not.
full-duplex (yes | no; Default: yes) Defines whether the transmission of data appears in two directions simultaneously
l2mtu (integer; Default: ) Layer2 Maximum transmission unit. Read more>>
mac-address (MAC; Default: ) Media Access Control number of an interface.
master-port (name | none; Default: none) Sets switch group master interface
mdix-enable (yes | no; Default: ) Whether the MDI/X auto crosscable correction feature is enabled for the port
mtu (integer; Default: 1500) Layer3 Maximum transmission unit
name (string; Default: ) Name of an interface
speed (10Mbps | 100Mbps | 1Gbps; Default: max available) Sets the data transmission speed of the interface. By default, this value is the maximal data rate supported by the interface

Read-only properties

Property Description
running (yes | no) Whether interface is running. Note that some interface does not have running check and they are always reported as "running"
rx-1024-1518 (integer) Total count of received 1024 to 1518 byte packets
rx-128-255 (integer) Total count of received 128 to 255 byte packets
rx-1519-max (integer) Total count of received packets larger than 1519 bytes
rx-256-511 (integer) Total count of received 256 to 511 byte packets
rx-512-1023 (integer) Total count of received 512 to 1023 byte packets
rx-64 (integer) Total count of received 64 byte packets
rx-65-127 (integer) Total count of received 65 to 127 byte packets
rx-align-error (integer) Total count of received align error messages
rx-broadcast (integer) Total count of received broadcast packets
rx-bytes (integer) Total count of received bytes
rx-fcs-error (integer) Total count of received frames with incorrect checksum
rx-fragment (integer) Total count of received fragmented frames
rx-multicast (integer) Total count of received multicast packets
rx-overflow (integer)
rx-pause (integer) Amount of received pause frames
rx-runt (integer) Amount of received frames shorter than the minimum 64 bytes but with a valid CRC
rx-too-long (integer)
slave (yes | no) Whether interface is configured as a slave of another interface (for example Bonding)
switch (integer) ID to which switch chip interface belongs to.
tx-1024-1518 (integer)
tx-128-255 (integer)
tx-1519-max (integer)
tx-256-511 (integer)
tx-512-1023 (integer)
tx-64 (integer)
tx-65-127 (integer)
tx-align-error (integer)
tx-broadcast (integer)
tx-bytes (integer)
tx-fcs-error (integer)
tx-fragment (integer)
tx-multicast (integer)
tx-overflow (integer)
tx-pause (integer)
tx-runt (integer)
tx-too-long (integer)

Menu specific commands

Property Description
blink ([id, name]) Blink Ethernet leds
monitor ([id, name]) Monitor ethernet status. Read more>>
reset-counters ([id, name]) Reset stats counters. Read more>>
reset-mac ([id, name]) Reset MAC address to manufacturers default.


/interface ethernet monitor command prints out current link, rate and duplex status of an interface.


Property Description
auto-negotiation (done | incomplete) Current auto negotiation status.
  • done-negotiation completed
  • incomplete-negotiation failed or not yet completed
default-cable-settings (short | standard) default cable length setting (only applicable to NS DP83815/6 cards)
  • short-support short cables
  • standard-support standard cables
full-duplex (yes | no) Whether transmission of data occurs in two directions simultaneously
rate (10Mbps | 100Mbps | 1Gbps) Actual data rate of the connection
status (link-ok | no-link | unknown) Current link status of an interface
  • link-ok-the card is connected to the network
  • no-link-the card is not connected to the network
  • unknown-the connection is not recognized (if the card does not report connection status)

Example output of ethernet status:

[admin@MikroTik] /interface ethernet> monitor ether1
            status: link-ok
  auto-negotiation: done
              rate: 1Gbps
       full-duplex: yes


RouterOS v3.22 introduces a new command:

/interface ethernet print stats

This command will display all kinds of other statistics if the interface is supporting them (currently only RB450G ether2-ether5, RB750 ether2-ether5, RB750G ether1-ether5 and also RB1100 ether1-ether10). Complete list of properties can be found in section above

For example, output of ethernet stats on RB450G:

[admin@MikroTik] /interface ethernet> print stats 
                      name: ether1-gateway ether2-local ether3-local ether4-local ether5-local
              rx-broadcast:                22           31           3666         11          
                  rx-pause:                0            0            0            0           
              rx-multicast:                4            7            1423         5           
              rx-fcs-error:                0            0            2            0           
            rx-align-error:                0            0            0            0           
                   rx-runt:                0            0            0            0           
               rx-fragment:                0            0            1            0           
                     rx-64:                0            0            0            0           
                 rx-65-127:                8            14           21598        10          
                rx-128-255:                0            0            0            0           
                rx-256-511:                18           24           2245         6           
               rx-512-1023:                28926        7649         371938       24476       
              rx-1024-1518:                0            0            0            0           
               rx-1519-max:                0            0            0            0           
               rx-too-long:                0            0            0            0           
               rx-overflow:                0            0            0            0           
                  rx-bytes:                15337844     4063737      199738064    12975401    
              tx-broadcast:                13           13           1496         8           
                  tx-pause:                0            0            0            0           
              tx-multicast:                13           13           1496         8           
               tx-underrun:                0            0            0            0           
                     tx-64:                0            0            0            0           
                 tx-65-127:                26           26           2992         16          
                tx-128-255:                0            0            0            0           
                tx-256-511:                0            0            0            0           
               tx-512-1023:                0            0            0            0           
              tx-1024-1518:                0            0            0            0           
               tx-1519-max:                0            0            0            0
               tx-too-long:                0            0            0            0
              tx-collision:                0            0            0            0
    tx-excessive-collision:                0            0            0            0
     tx-multiple-collision:                0            0            0            0
       tx-single-collision:                0            0            0            0
     tx-excessive-deferred:                0            0            0            0
               tx-deferred:                0            0            0            0
         tx-late-collision:                0            0            0            0
                  tx-bytes:                2561         2561         294712       1576


Sub-menu: /interface ethernet switch

This submenu allows to configure certain RouterBoard switch chip feature. Read more >>.

PoE out

PoE out settings are only available on RouterBOARD devices that has this hardware feature present. No status information if power is applied to the port or not is not available. Only visual clue that is provided is red LED in addition to green Ethernet activity led.

Feature can be configured using setting in /interface ethernet menu, for example, turning poe-out on ether2 interface off:

/interface ethernet set ether2 poe-out=off

Note: PoE pit on interface will return to previous state it was when board was operational.


Note: PoE out is controlled separately from RouterOS and will return to state regardless of state of RouterOS on RouterBOARD

Possible configuration modes:

  • off - all detection and power is turned off for this port. It is safe setting and is default for all RouterBOARDs shipped
  • auto - board will attempt to detect if power can be applied on the port. For power-on to happen there should be resistance on spare pairs in range from 19kΩ to 26.5kΩ.
  • on - similar to auto setting just upper bound of detection range is removed.

When port is powered on

  • No detection if connected device can accept PoE is done;
  • When port is powered on - port overload and short detection is turned on;
  • Note| If short is detected power on all ports will be turned on.

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