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Applies to RouterOS: v5+


Sub-menu: /interface gre
Standards: GRE RFC 1701

GRE (generic routing encapsulation) is a tunneling protocol that was originally developed by Cisco. It can encapsulate wide variety of protocols creating virtual point-to-point link.


Property Description
arp (disabled | enabled | proxy-arp | reply-only; Default: ) Address Resolution Protocol mode
comment (string; Default: ) Short description of the tunnel.
disabled (yes | no; Default: no) Whether tunnel is enabled.
keepalive (integer [1..4294967295]; Default: )
l2mtu (integer [0..65536]; Default: 65535) Layer2 Maximum transmission unit.
local-address (IP; Default: Ip addres that will be used as local tunnel end. If set to then ip address of outgoing interface will be taken.
mtu (integer [0..65536]; Default: 1476) Layer3 Maximum transmission unit.
name (string; Default: ) Name of the tunnel.
remote-address (IP; Default: ) IP address of remote tunnel end.

Setup examples

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