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Package: system,lora

Every RouterBOARD with a miniPCI-e interface which supports LTE modems could also be turn in LoRaWAN gateway by installation of R11e-LoRa8 or R11e-LoRa9 card.


Warning: RouterOS doesn`t support 3rd party LoRaWAN gateway cards


Sub-menu: /lora

Property Description
antenna-gain (integer [-128..127]; Default: 0) Antenna gain in dBi.
channel-plan (as-923 | au-915 | custom | eu-868 | in-865 | kr-920 | ru-864 | us-915; Default: eu-868) Frequency plans for various regions.
disabled (yes | no; Default: yes) Whether LoRaWAN gateway is disabled.
forward (crc-disabled | crc-error | crc-valid; Default: crc-valid,crc-error) Defines what kind of packets should be forwarded to Network server:
  • crc-disabled - forward packets which CRC code isn`t checked
  • crc-error - forward packets with incorrect CRC code
  • crc-valid - forward valid packets with correct CRC.
lbt-enabled (yes | no; Default: no) Whether gateway should use LBT (Listen Before Talk) protocol.
listen-time (integer [0us..4294967295us]; Default: 5000us) Time in microseconds to track RSSI before TX (used when lbt-enabled=yes).
name (string; Default: ) Name of LoRaWAN gateway.
network (private | public; Default: public) Whether sync word should be used (network=private) or shouldn`t (network=public).
rssi-threshold (integer [-32,768 .. 32,767]; Default: -65dB) RSSI value to determine whether forwarder may use specific channel to talk. If RSSI value is below rssi-threshold, channel could be used (used when lbt-enabled=yes).
servers (list of string; Default: ) Name or names of servers from /lora servers.
src-address (IP; Default: ) Specifies uplink packet source address if necessary (address should match an address configured on the RB).


Sub-menu: /lora channels

Property Description
bandwidth (7.8_kHz | 15.6_kHz | 31.2_kHz | 62.5_kHz | 125_kHz | 250_kHz | 500_kHz; Default: 125_kHz) Bandwidth of specific channel, pre-defined when any of channel-plan preset is used, but could be manually changed when channel-plan is set to custom.
disabled (yes | no; Default: no) Whether specific channel is disabled.
freq-off (integer [Hz]; Default: ) Channel frequency offset against radio central frequency, it makes possible to adjust channel frequencies so that channels doesn`t overlap.
radio (radio0 | radio1; Default: ) Defines which radio uses selected channel.
spread-factor (SF7 | SF8 | SF9 | SF10 | SF11 | SF12; Default: ) Defines the Spread Factor for a channel with type=LoRa. Lower Spread Factor means higher data rate.


Sub-menu: /lora radios

Property Description
center-freq (integer [0..4294967295Hz]; Default: ) Defines radio central frequency, default value depends on selected channel-plan.
disabled (yes | no; Default: no) Whether radio is disabled.
rssi-off (integer; Default: -162) Used to calculate precise RSSI level of received packets
tx-enabled (yes | no; Default: ) Whether radio is used for transmission. By default one of radios has set tx-enabled=yes and the other has set tx-enabled=no.
tx-freq-min (integer [0..4294967295Hz]; Default: )
tx-freq-max (integer [0..4294967295Hz]; Default: )


Sub-menu: /lora servers