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Applies to RouterOS: v3, v4


Virtual Private Lan Service (VPLS) interface can be considered tunnel interface just like EoIP interface. To achieve transparent ethernet segment forwarding between customer sites.

MikroTik RouterOS implements following VPLS features:

  • LDP signaling (RFC 4762), see LDP based VPLS
  • pseudowire fragmentation and reassembly (RFC 4623)
  • MP-BGP based autodiscovery and signaling (RFC 4761), see BGP based VPLS

Since version 3.17:

  • Cisco style static VPLS pseudowires (RFC 4447 FEC type 0x80), see static Cisco VPLS
  • Cisco VPLS BGP-based auto-discovery (draft-ietf-l2vpn-signaling-08), see BGP based Cisco style VPLS
  • support for multiple import/export route target extended communities for BGP based VPLS (both, RFC 4761 and draft-ietf-l2vpn-signaling-08)


Sub-menu: /interface vpls

List of all VPLS interfaces. This menu shows also dynamically created BGP based VPLS interfaces.


Property Description
advertised-l2mtu (integer; Default: 1500) L2MTU value advertised to remote peer.
arp (disabled | enabled | proxy-arp | reply-only; Default: enabled) Address Resolution Protocol
cisco-style (yes | no; Default: no) Specifies whether to use cisco style VPLS.
cisco-style-id (integer; Default: 0) VPLS tunnel ID, used if cisco-style is set to yes.
comment (string; Default: ) Short description of the item
disable-running-check (yes | no; Default: no) Specifies whether to detect if interface is running or not. If set to no interface will always have running flag.
disabled (yes | no; Default: yes) Defines whether item is ignored or used. By default VPLS interface is disabled.
l2mtu (integer; Default: 1500)
mac-address (MAC; Default: )
mtu (integer; Default: 1500)
name (string; Default: ) Name of the interface
pw-type (raw-ethernet | tagged-ethernet; Default: raw-ethernet) Pseudowire type.
remote-peer (IP; Default: ) IP address of remote peer.
vpls-id (AsNum | AsIp; Default: ) Unique number that identifies VPLS tunnel.


Command /interface vpls monitor [id] will display current VPLS interface status

Available read only properties:

Property Description
mm ()


Sub-menu: /interface vpls bgp-vpls

Cisco Style BGP VPLS

Sub-menu: /interface cisco-bgp-vpls

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