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License Levels

What Levels are there ?

You can purchase a Level 4,5 and 6. Level 1 is the demo license.

What are the Level 2 and 3 ?

Level 2 was a transitional license from old legacy license format. These licenses are not available anymore, if you have this kind of license, it will work, but to upgrade it - you will have to purchase a new license.

Level 3 was the basic license without wireless features, which now has been replaced with Level 4 as the lowest level. Now Level 3 is not available on the account server. Upgrading of this Level is not possible, a new purchase is necessary if you wish to get a higher level with wireless AP.

Level 3 can be obtained only in large quantities. If you need a wireless-client-only license, you can get these if you need more than 100 at once.

Upgrading and Extending Licenses

Can I extend the upgrade time before it has ended, or can I get Level 3 with bigger upgrade time ?

Yes, this costs 15$ per year, but is possible only at the time of purchase, or before the upgrade time ends. After the upgrade time is over, upgrade time can not be extended. Also Level3 is not upgradable to higher levels as it is a bulk-only license.

What happens when the license upgrade time runs out ?

upgrade time means both - upgrade of RouterOS software versions and upgrade of the license. If the upgrade time has run out - you cannot upgrade the RouterOS to higher versions, and you can neither upgrade the license nor extend it's upgrade time. You will have to buy a new license.

Can I downgrade to older RouterOS version even after upgrade time is over?

Yes, if you have older RouterOS NPK packages, you can downgrade and upgrade back to any version that was available before your upgrade time ended. The Router's clock does not matter, the package contains the dates, as does the license code.

Why cannot I upgrade/extend my license?

If the account server does not let you upgrade or extend your license upgrade time, it means that your license upgrade time has ended - this means that your software can no longer be upgraded to higher versions, and the key can not be ugraded to higher levels. In this case a new key is needed.

Why cannot I upgrade my Level 3 license to Level 4,5 or 6?

Level 3 is a bulk-only license, therefore we do not offer it on the account server. If you need a higher level license, please purchase it on the account server. You will have the choice between Levels 4,5 and 6.

Why is the upgrade / extension now available after the upgrade time ends?

We have introduced new, very low prices for Software, which now compensates for the lack of upgrade/extension after the upgrade deadline. Buying a new AP license is now a lot cheaper than an upgrade was before the new prices.