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Applies to RouterOS: v6rc5+


Sub-menu: /partition

Starting from v6rc5 it is possible to partition NAND flash, allowing to install own OS on each partition and specify primary and fallback partitions.


Note: Repartitioning of the NAND requires latest bootloader version

Minimum partition sizes:

  • 32MB on MIPS
  • 40MB on PowerPC
  • 48MB on CCR

Maximum number of allowed partitions is 8.

[admin@bumba] /partitions> print 
Flags: A - active, R - running 
 #    NAME              FALLBACK-TO             VERSION                      SIZE
 0 AR part0             next                    RouterOS v6.0rc5            64Mi


Property Description
repartition (integer) Will reboot the router and reformat the NAND, leaving only active partition.
copy-to (<partition>) Clone running OS with config to specified partition. Previously stored data on partition will be erased.
save-config-to (<partition>) Clone running config on specified partition. Everything else is untouched.
restore-config-from (<partition>) Copy config from specified partition to running partition


Property Description
name (string; Default: ) Name of the partition
fallback-to (etherboot | next | <partition-name>; Default: next) What to do if active partition fails to boot:
  • etherboot - switch to etherboot
  • next' - try next partition
  • fallback to specified partition


Property Description
active (yes | no) Partition is active
running (yes | no) Currently running partition
size (integer[MiB]) Partition size
version (string) Current RouterOS version installed on the partition

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