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Applies to RouterOS: v6rc5+


Sub-menu: /partition

Partitioning is supported on MIPS, TILE and PowerPC RouterBOARD type devices.

Starting from v6rc5 it is possible to partition NAND flash, allowing to install own OS on each partition and specify primary and fallback partitions.

If a partition should fail for some reason (failed upgrade, problematic configuration introduced, software problem), the next partition will boot instead. This can be used as an interactive backup where you keep a verified working installation, and upgrade only some secondary partition. If you upgrade your configuration, and it proves to be good, you can use the "save config" button to copy it over to other partitions.


Note: Repartitioning of the NAND requires the latest bootloader version


Warning: Downgrade to v5 is not possible if multiple partitions have been created. First revert to a one partition setup, only then downgrade

Minimum partition sizes:

  • 32MB on MIPS
  • 40MB on PowerPC
  • 48MB on TILE

Maximum number of allowed partitions is 8.

[admin@bumba] /partitions> print 
Flags: A - active, R - running 
 #    NAME              FALLBACK-TO             VERSION                      SIZE
 0 AR part0             next                    RouterOS v6.0rc5            64Mi


Property Description
repartition (integer) Will reboot the router and reformat the NAND, leaving only active partition.
copy-to (<partition>) Clone running OS with config to specified partition. Previously stored data on partition will be erased.
save-config-to (<partition>) Clone running config on specified partition. Everything else is untouched.
restore-config-from (<partition>) Copy config from specified partition to running partition


Property Description
name (string; Default: ) Name of the partition
fallback-to (etherboot | next | <partition-name>; Default: next) What to do if active partition fails to boot:
  • etherboot - switch to etherboot
  • next' - try next partition
  • fallback to specified partition


Property Description
active (yes | no) Partition is active
running (yes | no) Currently running partition
size (integer[MiB]) Partition size
version (string) Current RouterOS version installed on the partition

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