Manual:Purchasing a License for RouterOS

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First you have to make an account on the Account Server, this can be done on the main page, and is a free and easy process. After you have an account, start by logging in, here is an example process:

Log into your account
Click on Purchase a Key
Select your License Level, Enter SoftID and click Submit
Click on Pay By Credit Card and You will be presented the bank payment page

In the Bank page you will be asked for your Credit Card Number, CVC/CVV code, expiry date of the card and the name on the card. The CVC/CVV card can be found on the back of the card and is a three digit code. After you enter all the details and submit the information, your credit card will be charged. Do not close the browser or push any buttons until the process is complete. Then you will receive your new key in your email, and it will also appear in the `keys` section of your account.