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Applies to RouterOS: v5.15+



Quickset is a special configuration menu that prepares your router in a few clicks.


It is available in Winbox and Webfig. New devices come ready for quickset, so when you enter their IP address in your browser, it will directly open the Quickset menu.

Quickset is available for:

  • CPE devices (License Level 3, One wireless, One Ethernet)
  • AP devices since RouterOS v5.15 (License Level 4, One Wireless AP, More ethernets).


Why some of RouterBOARDs does not support this feature??
Each RourerBOARD model requires different configuration. Currently QuickSet will work on AP and CPE routers, like RB751, RB711, SXT etc.
What's is difference between Router and Bridge mode?
Bridge mode adds all interfaces to the bridge allowing to forward Layer2 packets (acts as a hub/switch).
In Router mode packets are forwarded in Layer3 by using IP addresses and IP routes (acts as a router).