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RouterOS password can only be reset by reinstalling the router, or using the reset jumper in case the hardware is RouterBOARD.

If u lost the password on router board u may reset by this procedure:

1. Reset the router board.
2. Press any key when it's tell u to do that.
3. Type r


MikroTik 3.0rc13 MikroTik Login:

RouterBOOT booter 2.12

RouterBoard 1000

CPU frequency: 1333 MHz Memory size: 512 MB

Press any key within 2 seconds to enter setup.


What do you want to configure?
  d - boot delay
  k - boot key
  s - serial console
  o - boot device
  r - reset configuration
  e - format nand
  g - upgrade firmware
  i - board info
  p - boot protocol
  t - do memory testing
  x - exit setup
your choice: