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The RouterBOARD reset button has several functions. This article describes how to achieve all of it's functions
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== Functions ==
* '''Loading the backup RouterBOOT loader'''<br/>Hold this button before applying power, release after three seconds since powering, to load backup Boot loader. This might be necessary if the device is not operation because of a failed RouterBOOT upgrade. When you have started the device with the backup loader, you can either set RouterOS to ''force backup loader'' in the RouterBOARD settings, or have a chance to reinstall the failed RouterBOOT from a fwf file  (total '''3 seconds''')
* '''Resetting the RouterOS configuration''' <br/>If you keep holding this button for 2 more seconds until LED light starts flashing, release the button to reset RouterOS configuration to default (total '''5 seconds''')
* '''Enabling CAPs mode''' <br/>To connect this device to a wireless network managed by CAPsMAN, keep holding the button for 5 more seconds, LED turns solid, release now to turn on CAPs mode (total '''10 seconds''')
* '''Starting the RouterBOARD in Netinstall mode'''<br/>Or Keep holding the button for 5 more seconds until until LED turns off, then release it to make the RouterBOARD look for Netinstall servers. You can also simply keep the button pressed until the device shows up in the Netinstall program on Windows (total '''15 seconds''')
== Notes ==
You can also do the previous three functions without loading the backup loader, simply push the button immediately after you apply power. You might need the assistance of another person to push the button and also plug the power supply at the same time.

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