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What is MikroTik RouterOS™?

What does MikroTik RouterOS™ do?
MikroTik RouterOS™ is router operating system and software which turns regular Intel PC or MikroTik RouterBOARD™ hardware into a dedicated router.
Can I test the MikroTik RouterOS™ functionality before I buy the license?
Yes, you can download the installation from MikroTik's webpage and install your own MikroTik router. The router has full functionality without license key for 24h total running time. Itš enough to test the router out for 3 days 8h a day.
Where can I get the License Key?
Create an account on MikroTik's webpage (the top right-hand corner of You can use credit card to pay for the key.
Can I use MikroTik router to hook up to a service provider via a T1, T3, or other high speed connection?
Yes, you can install various NICs supported by MikroTik RouterOS™ and get your edge router, backbone router, firewall, bandwidth manager, VPN server, wireless access point and much more in one box. Please check the Specification Sheet and Manual for supported interfaces!
How fast will it be?
An Intel PC is faster than almost any proprietary router, and there is plenty of processing power in a 100MHz Pentium.
How does this software compare to using a Cisco router?
You can do almost everything what a proprietary router does at a fraction of cost of such a router and have flexibility in upgrading, ease of management and maintenance.
What OS do I need to install the MikroTik RouterOS™?
No Operating System is needed. The MikroTik RouterOS™ comes with its own Operating System and Software. The OS is Linux kernel based and very stable. Your harddrive will be wiped out completely by the installation. No additional disk support, just one PRIMARY MASTER HDD or FlashDisk, except for WEB proxy cache.
How secure is the router once it is setup?
Access to the router is protected by username and password. Additional users can be added to the router, specific rights can be set for user groups. Remote access to the router can be restricted by user, IP address. Firewall filtering is the easiest way to protect your router and network.

Logging on and Passwords

What is the username and password when logging on to the router for the first time?
Username is 'admin', and there is no password (hit the 'Enter' key). You can change the password using the '/password' command.
How can I recover a lost password?
If you have forgotten the password, there is no recovery for it. You have to reinstall the router.
After power failure the MikroTik router is not starting up again
If you haven't shut the router down, the file system has not been unmounted properly. When starting up, the RouterOS™ is doing file system check. Depending on the HDD size, it may take several minutes to complete. Do not interrupt the file system check! It would make your installation unusable.

Licensing Issues

How many MikroTik RouterOS™ installations does one license cover?
The license is per RouterOS installation. Each installed router needs a separate license.
Does the license expire?
The license never expires. The router uns for ever. But, the license has a limited upgrade time - a time period during which you can upgrade the software to a newer version.
What to do when my upgrade period is over?
You can keep running the router as it is if you are happy with the installed software version. In case you want to upgrade, you need to extend the upgrade period by purchasing another license key at a 60% of the license cost.



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