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This is MME configuration reference only; for description of the protocol and configuration examples see MME wireless routing protocol.


Packages required: routing

License required: Level1

Submenu level: /routing mme

General Setup

Property Description

origination-interval (time; default: 5s) - interval between originator messages. Obviously, this value should be less than timeout value.

timeout (time; default: 1m) - node timeout. If no messages at all are received from an originator node during this interval, that node is purged from protocol tables, and so are all routes it has announced.

bidirectional-timeout (integer; default: 2) - how many originator messages from a node can be lost in sequence, while still considering it a bidirectional neighbor. We are assuming that every node originates messages with the same rate as this router (i.e. the value from origination-interval).

ttl (integer; default: 50) - how many times to forward originator messages.

gateway-class (none | 56-KBit | 64-KBit | 128-KBit | 256-KBit | 512-KBit | 1-MBit | 2-MBit | 3-MBit | 5-MBit | 6-MBit | >6-MBit | integer; default: none) - announce internet gateway capability in the originator messages sent by this node.

The node running MME with gateway-class option is supposed to have a link to Internet and a default route to that. The symbolic values are compatible with B.A.T.M.A.N. This table describes the mapping from integers to symbolic values:

          0 no gateway
          1 modem
          2 ISDN
          3 Double ISDN
          3 256 KBit
          5 UMTS/ 0.5 MBit
          6 1 MBit
          7 2 MBit
          8 3 MBit
          9 5 MBit
         10 6 MBit
         11 >6 MBit

Entering integer value > 11 means even better gateway class.

gateway-selection (no-gateway | best-adjusted | best-statistic; default: no-gateway) - this node is a MME gateway protocol client.

  • no-gateway - don't install default route via MME.
  • best-adjusted - select best gateway node based on received message statistics and announced gateway class;
  • best-statistic - select best gateway node based only on received message statistics;

gateway-keepalive (time; default: 1m) - the time interval between successive gateway keepalive messages. For gateway client, this specifies how often to send out keepalive messages. For gateway server, as client hold time is used 3 * gateway-keepalive seconds. If the server does not receive keepalive messages from a client during this time interval, the client is considered dead. All state information associated with it are deleted, including the dynamic IPIP tunnel.

preferred-gateway (IP address; default: - always prefer this node as internet gateway to any others, if it is present in originator tables.


Submenu level: /routing mme interface

Description: List of interfaces on which to run the MME protocol.

interface (name; default: all) - interface on which MME will run

  • all - is used for the interfaces not having any specific settings

passive (yes | no; default: no) - if true, do not send originator messages via this interface, only receive.

primary (yes | no; default: no) - include routing information (i.e. network announcements) in self-originated packets send via this interface. (For forwared packets the information is always included.) Only one interface can be primary. If no interfaces are configured as primary, one is selected automatically in a random fashion.

messages-tx (read only: integer) - originator messages transmitted via this interface. For all interface: cumulative statistics.

messages-rx (read only: integer) - originator messages received via this interface. For all interface: cumulative statistics.


Submenu level: /routing mme network

Description: MME Networks is a list of networks to be advertised.

network (IP prefix) - network to advertise


The usage of MME networks is similar to BGP networks, and different from IGP (i.e. RIP and OSPF) networks. They determine which networks to announce via MME, not on which networks to run the protocol.


Submenu level: /routing mme status

Description: Read-only status information about the protocol. Currently has only one submenu: originators - information about active neighbor nodes.

originator (read-only: IP address) - the IP address of the node.

gateway (read-only: IP address) - the nexthop for this node.

gateway-class (read-only: none | 56-KBit | 64-KBit | 128-KBit | 256-KBit | 512-KBit | 1-MBit | 2-MBit | 3-MBit | 5-MBit | 6-MBit | >6-MBit | integer) - if none, then this node is not a gateway server. Otherwise this node is not a gateway server with specified gateway bandwidth.

last-packet-before (read-only: time) - seconds elapsed since last received packet.