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What is a supout.rif file?


Applies to RouterOS: ALL

'The support file is used for debugging MikroTik RouterOS and to solve the support questions faster. All MikroTik Router information is saved in a binary file, which is stored on the router and can be downloaded from the router using ftp.' You can view the contents of this file in your Mikrotik account, simply go to the Supout.rif section and upload the file.

This file contains all your routers configuration, logs and some other details that will help the MikroTik Support to solve your issue. The file does not contain sensitive information or router passwords.

To generate this file, please type:

/system sup-output

In the command line. You can also use the GUI:


You can also use the terminal in Winbox:


To save the file direcly from Winbox, simply drag the file to your desktop:


Of course, it is also possible to download the file with FTP/SFTP or to automate this process with scripting, and have the file emailed to you.

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