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Hardware that supports monitoring will display different information about hardware status, like temperature, voltage.


Warning: For feature availablity on RouterBOARD products check


Routers that support voltage monitoring will display supplied voltage value. In CLI/Winbox it will display volts. In scripts/API/SNMP this will be dV or value showed in CLI/Winbox multiplied by 10


Note: Routers that have PEXT and PoE power input are calibrated using PEXT, as result value showed over PoE can be lower than input voltage due to additional ethernet protection chains.


Note: CRS112, CRS210 and CRS109 devices will show correct voltage only up to 26.7V. If higher voltage will be used, then Health will show constant 16V.


Routers that support temperature monitoring will display temperature reading. In CLI/Winbox it will display degrees Celsius. In scripts/API/SNMP this will be value showed in CLI/Winbox multiplied by 10

Fan control

Using this menu users will be able to control fan behaviour on the router.


Warning: for auto mode to work you have to use fans that support monitoring (it will have 3 wires) If you have fan with only 2 wires (V+,GND) then you have to set fan-mode to manual. If control pulse cannot be detected, then router will switch between main and auxiliary fan and stop only when it detects fan with control