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Applies to RouterOS: v5 +


Sub-menu: /system leds

Configuration Properties

Property Description
disabled (yes | no; Default: no) Whether item is disabled
interface (string; Default: ) Name of the interface which will be used for led status. Applicable only if type is interface specific.
modem-signal-treshold (integer [-113..-51]; Default: ) Applicable if type is modem-signal
leds (list of leds; Default: ) List of led names used for status report. For example wireless signal strength will require more than one led.
type (flash-access | interface-activity | interface-receive | interface-status | interface-transmit | modem-signal | wireless-signal-strength | wireless-status; Default: ) Type of the status:
  • flash-access - blink the led on flash access
  • interface-activity - blink the led on interface (traffic) activity
  • interface-receive - blink the led on interface received traffic
  • interface-status - light the led on interface status change
  • interface-transmit - blink the led on interface transmitted traffic
  • modem-signal - blink the led on modem signal
  • wireless-signal-strength - light the leds displaying wireless signal (requires more than one led)
  • wireless-status - light the led on wireless status change.

Basic examples

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