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RouterOS supports a lot of different features and since every installation requires specific set of features supprted it is possible to add or remove certain groups of features using package system. As result user is able to control what features are available and size of installation. Packages are provided only by MikroTik and no 3rd parties are allowed to make them.

Acquiring packages

Packages can be downloaded from MikroTik download page or mirrors listed on that page. Either of provided download methods can be used.

RouterOS packages

For a simple home router, only the system package is needed for basic operation. Other packages are optional. The DHCP package might be the next most important, if your ISP provides IP addresses using this method. PPP is needed if you require PPPoE or PPTP for connectivity. Other packages are not required for a home router, and are completely optional. Install them only if you are sure of their purpose.

Package Features
advanced-tools (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) advanced ping tools. netwatch, ip-scan, sms tool, wake-on-LAN
calea (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) data gathering tool for specific use due to "Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act" in USA
dhcp (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Dynamic Host Control Protocol client and server
gps (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Global Positioning System devices support
hotspot (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) HotSpot captive portal server for user management
ipv6 (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) IPv6 addressing support
mpls (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Multi Protocol Labels Switching support
multicast (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode; Internet Group Managing Protocol - Proxy
ntp (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Network protocol server, also includes simplistic client. NTP client is also built into the system package and functions well without this package installed.
openflow (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) Enables OpenFlow support
ppp (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) MlPPP client, PPP, PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE, ISDN PPP clients and servers
routerboard (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) accessing and managing RouterBOOT. RouterBOARD specific imformation.
routing (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) dynamic routing protocols like RIP, BGP, OSPF and routing utilities like BFD, filters for routes.
security (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) IPSEC, SSH, Secure WinBox
system (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) basic router features like static routing, ip addresses, sNTP, telnet, API, queues, firewall, web proxy, DNS cache, TFTP, IP pool, SNMP, packet sniffer, e-mail send tool, graphing, bandwidth-test, torch, EoIP, IPIP, bridging, VLAN, VRRP etc.). Also, for RouterBOARD platform - MetaROUTER | Virtualization
ups (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) APC ups management interface
user-manager (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) MikroTik User Manager server for controlling Hotspot and other service users.
wireless (mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86) wireless interface support. Sometimes sub-types are released, for example wireless-fp introduced FastPath support, wireless-cm2 introduced CAPsMAN v2 and wireless-rep introduced Repeater mode. These packages are occasionally released separately, before the new features get merged into the main wireless package.
arlan (x86) legacy Aironet Arlan support
isdn (x86) ISDN modem support
lcd (x86) LCD panel support for serial/parallel port devices. Not needed for RouterBOARD LCD panels.
radiolan (x86) RadioLan cards support
synchronous (x86) FarSync support
xen ( discontinued x86) XEN Virtualization
kvm (x86) KVM Virtualization
routeros-mipsle (mipsle) combined package for mipsle (RB100, RB500) (includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing)
routeros-mipsbe (mipsbe) combined package for mipsbe (RB400) (includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing)
routeros-powerpc (ppc) combined package for powerpc (RB300, RB600, RB1000) (includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing)
routeros-x86 (x86) combined package for x86 (Intel/AMD PC, RB230) (includes system, hotspot, wireless, ppp, security, mpls, advanced-tools, dhcp, routerboard, ipv6, routing)

Working with packages

Menu: /system package

Commands executed in this menu will take place only on restart of the router. Until then, user can freely schedule or revert set actions.

Command Desciption
disable schedule the package to be disabled after the next reboot. No features provided by the package will be accessible
downgrade will prompt for the reboot. During the reboot process will try to downgrade the RouterOS to the oldest version possible by checking the packages that are uploaded to the router.
print outputs information about the packages, like: version, package state, planned state changes etc.
enable schedule package to be enabled after the next reboot
uninstall schedule package to be removed from the router. That will take place during the reboot.
unschedule remove scheduled task for the package.


Upgrade process is described here.

List available packages

 /system package print 
Flags: X - disabled 
 #   NAME                    VERSION                    SCHEDULED              
 0 X ipv6                    3.13                                              
 1   system                  3.13                                              
 2 X mpls                    3.13                                              
 3 X hotspot                 3.13                                              
 4   routing                 3.13                                              
 5   wireless                3.13                                              
 6 X dhcp                    3.13                                              
 7   routerboard             3.13                                              
 8   routeros-mipsle         3.13                                              
 9   security                3.13                                              
 10 X ppp                     3.13                                              
 11   advanced-tools          3.13

Uninstall package

Schedules package for uninstallation and reboots router.

 /system package uninstall ppp; /system reboot; 
Reboot, yes? [y/N]:

Disable package

 /system package disable hotspot; /system reboot;
Reboot, yes? [y/N]:


 /system package downgrade; /system reboot;
Reboot, yes? [y/N]: 

Cancel uninstall or disable action

 /system package unschedule ipv6