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  /system ssh "/ip address print"
  /system ssh "/ip address print"
  /system ssh command="/ip address print"
  /system ssh command="/ip address print"
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RouterOS provides SSH client that supports SSHv2 logins to SSH servers reachable from the router.


For this command to be available router has to have system and secyrity packages installed.

Available features

Simple log-in to remote host

It is able to connect to remote host and initiate ssh session. IP address supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

/system ssh
/system ssh 2001:db8:add:1337::beef

In this case user name provided to remote host is one that has logged into the router. If other value is required, then user=<username> has to be used.

/system ssh user=lala
/system ssh 2001:db8:add:1337::beef user=lala

Log-in from certain IP address of the router

For testing or security reasons it may be required to log-in to other host using certain source address of the connection. In this case src-address=<ip address> argument has to be used. Note that IP address in this case supports both, IPv4 and IPv6.

/system ssh src-address=
/system ssh 2001:db8:add:1337::beef src-address=2001:db8:bad:1000::2

in this case, ssh client will try to bind to address specified and then initiate ssh connection to remote host.

Log-in using certificate

Executing remote commands

To execute remote command it has to be supplied at the end of log-in line

/system ssh "/ip address print"
/system ssh command="/ip address print"