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The device list can be accessed by double clicking on Devices in the left hand Menu pane, or selecting Devices from the pane dropdown menu in any of the open panes.

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This section lists all devices that this server has knowledge about.


The List view displays all the devices sorted by name, address, MAC address, Device type, or Map they are on. It also displays which services are currently down for each device, and their notes.

In the list view you are able to add new devices, remove devices, copy and paste them, add notes, disable and enable polling for them, print or export the list, and use search.

Also available are filter dropdowns. They allow you to filter by Status, Map and Device Type, which is helpful if you have hundreds of devices on many maps.


The Tree tab is exactly the same as the List tab, but sorts the devices in threads by their hierarchy dependencies.


The RouterOS tab shows devices that have been marked as RouterOS in the device settings. This tab is organized in the following subsections:


Shows a list of RouterOS devices. The table includes additional information, authentication status, version, architecture, system hardware type, upgrade status and packages.

This pane is optimized for upgrading of RouterOS devices.

Upgrading RouterOS

  1. Upload RouterOS packages to the Dude Server. This can be done in the Files pane. Upload any types of packages and versions, The Dude can tell them apart
  2. Select the device you like to upgrade, and click the Upgrade button, or right-click the device and choose Upgrade
  3. The Dude will only show appropriate package types and versions in the Upgrade menu. Choose the preferred version to commence upgrade process

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It is possible to create Groups of RouterOS devices, to simplify the upgrade process. To avoid interruption of processes while one router is rebooted but others are still getting the package files, it is recommended to group devices by reachability or location.

That way, if uploading packages to 20 routers at the same time, the closest router will not be rebooted because of faster upload time, only to interrupt the rest of the 19 uploads.

To create a new RouterOS Device Group, click on the add button and select the RouterOS devices from the provided list.


Note: If there are no devices listed, make sure that your RouterOS devices are marked as RouterOS in the device settings dialog

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Wireless Registration

Simple Queue

Allows to add simple queues in RouterOS


MAC mappings