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&& IF EXIST \\dude\tools start  \\dude\tools\WinSCPPortable\WinSCPPortable.exe     
&& IF EXIST \\dude\tools start  \\dude\tools\WinSCPPortable\WinSCPPortable.exe     

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The Tools pane manages the utilities and programs that can be run when right-clicking a device. Tools can be useful for executing custom programs and passing them variables, which can be practically anything the Dude knows about the device.

SS-2010-07-13 13.11.08.png

There are predefined tools, that can't be changed, and you can also add new tools.

SS-2010-07-13 13.12.39.png

It is possible to edit some of the predefined tools to see how the tools are made, so you can easily add your own. For example the FTP tool:

Ftp - Tool-2010-07-13 13.13.18.png

Adding tools

When adding a new tool, you will be prompted for the following settings:

  • Type - custom tools can only be Execute, ie. run external program with given options
  • Name - whatever you wish to call your new tool
  • Command - the program that will be called and it's parameters. Can insert OID variables
  • Device - Which types of devices will have this tool available


The following Command shuts down Windows devices that support Remote Shutdown:

c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 30 /m \\[Device.FirstAddress]

This calls an ssh connection depending on which operating system you are currently running:

cmd /C  (IF NOT EXIST \\dude\tools (start z:\usr\bin\nautilus sftp://[Device.FirstAddress] )) 
&& IF EXIST \\dude\tools start  \\dude\tools\WinSCPPortable\WinSCPPortable.exe