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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+

Starting with v6.37 release

Starting with mentioned software release certain changes regarding file management in The Dude were made.

1. Files no longer can be uploaded to server through The Dude client. Now for File management you have use Winbox/Webfig/FTP/SFTP and upload/download file directly onto/from The Dude server host.

2. File that were previously generated by server like default mibs/images/etc on first server startup are now shown in "(data-path)/files/default" directory as symlinks and are usable in read-only mode. In order to avoid deletion or corruption of these default resources.

3. Your custom uploaded mibs/images/etc need to be stored in: "(data-path)/files/" directory.


Note: Custom files take priority over "defaults" in case of duplicates.


Note: After file upload it will take some time for mibs/images to become available on client side for use in labels/maps/etc. To get files available right on the spot disable and enable the server.


Note: For RouterOS upgrade through Dude to work properly you need to place the RouterOS upgrade files into {dude-data-directory}/files.


Up to v6.36.x release


The Files pane manages all the files The Dude server can use. This includes Images for icons and backgrounds, fonts, logs, RouterOS packages and certificates.


Adding files is possible from this pane via the Add button, or from the place where the icon will be used, via the ... button, like here in the Device Appearance settings:


Separate tabs exist for RouterOS packages and active File Uploads to the server.