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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+

The Logs Pane shows lists of events in the Dude software. There are built in log files:

  • Action - Shows when devices or settings are added or changed
  • Debug - Shows critical information
  • Event - Shows when somebody logs in, when Dude server starts and stopschanged
  • Syslog - Saves logs from remote devices, like RouterOS systems which support remote logging to Syslog

The built in Logs cannot be changed or cleared.

This pane also allows you to set up new log, that can be used for local action logging, and for the built-in Syslog.


When adding a new log file, you can set the following settings:

  • Name - The name of your new log
  • Start new file - How often to start a new file, helps reduce the number of log entries in one file, and organizes logs for quicker navigation
  • Logs to keep - how many log files shoud the Dude keep before removing old ones
  • Buffered entries - how many entries to buffer in memory before writing to file


When double-clicking an existing log, you will be able to see the same settings, and in addition - the existing log files:


It is also possible to import a log file in case you want to combine logs from some previous location with the current Dude logs.

Old log files can be deleted, but current log, and buffered log (which is shown in the Logs pane) can't be cleared.