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Applies to RouterOS: v6.34+

Important notice


Warning: New The Dude server package is only made for CCR series, x86 and CHR hosts. It wont be supported on other devices. At least for now.

Exporting databases from old your old Dude servers

Log into your current The dude server with v4.0beta3 or v3.6 application. Click on Export button in upper left window corner and save your database. Depending on your dude version you will get .tgz or .xml file.


Note: If you have problems exporting dude database try moving/deleting log files in the Dude installation directory and repeat export process after that.

Migration-0.jpeg Migration-1.jpeg

Prepare / Install new The Dude Server and Client


  • Old The Dude client should be uninstalled before installing new version client.


  • Upgrade host to ROS v6.32rcXX or newer version if available.
  • Upload dude package and reboot the device.
  • After host have started up again check if The Dude server is running with command: "/dude print". By default it will be enabled right after package installation.
[admin@MikroTik] > /dude print 
         enabled: yes
  data-directory: dude
  • If you wish to change dude data directory then you can do it with command: "/dude set data-directory=(path)"

Import DB into new dude server

1. Upload the backup file to ROS host on which you installed dude package via winbox, webfig or ftp.

2. In cli perform db import.

 /dude import-db file=(file_name_path) 

Note: Larger DB files will take some time to process. Be patient!


Note: It is no longer possible to perform this action from client application, only option is to do it from server host.

Connect to new the Dude server with new Client application