Manual:The Dude v6/The dude server on VM CHR

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1. Install CHR on one of supported hypervisors as VM. Detailed instructions can be found in this wiki article: CHR

2. Download The Dude Windows Client application from MikroTik homepage download section: link

3. Check that server is running or if necessary enable it.

  • Check dude status with command:
/dude print
  • To enable or disable the dude server:
/dude set enabled=(yes/no)
  • Example on what you should see.
[admin@MirkoTik] > dude print
         enabled: yes
  data-directory: dude
          status: running

4. Install The Dude client on your system and connect to VM ip address with the same credentials that you use for ROS virtual machine.

5. Check what to do next: Dude manual