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Note: Changelog will be added here after the web release of this ROS version, for now check dude rc version topic in forum.


  • Leftovers of web interface configuration is not yet removed.
  • Dude does not know how to show ROS version (broken due to changes in ROS, update needed)
  • In log settings configuration, sliders are broken.
  • When opening panel in separate windows error pops up, it does not affect the usage tho.
  • When changing icon appearance on network map dude does not assign right image in some cases.
  • Open panel separately broken.
  • Spectral scan may crash Dude client
  • SNMP walk crashes the dude client
  • Torch tool in dude also is broken
  • Use of ping tool causes the dude client to disconnect.
  • Any section export to CSV function broken, crashes the dude client
  • Bandwidth test tool graphs broken.
  • XML backup import fails.
  • Large DB export fixed.
  • Link label - Mastering type: ROS broken.
  • Scan tool - removed for now till it's reworked.
  • Telnet tool - dude will throw out error if telnet client is not available on system where dude client is installed.
  • Dude tool - Corrected dude.exe launch path. Now the client will look for executable in it's installation dir and not by some full path.
  • Added 10G link type - Will be added by default only for new installations.
  • Torch tool - fixed.
  • Added option to run dude client from shortcut in secure mode by adding argument "--secure".
  • Corrected 10G link monitoring/counters for ROS devices. (snmp fix for this will come later)
  • Fixed issue where dude client would freeze if link label mastering type was snmp and it was created or modified.
  • Ping tool - fixed local pinger.
  • Auto discovery tasks are now separated between network maps.
  • Fixed file upload to server.
  • SMTP authentication and tls options added!
  • ROS upgrade function fixed
  • Fixed server crash that some people where experiencing.
  • CHR host upgrade fixed.
  • DNS name resolving fixed in loader (will however work only after loader is upgraded to rc45)
  • Added db vacuuming option
  • Added progress indicator to import/export/vacuuming
  • Dude server by default on new installations is now disabled.


(Build includes all changes from v6.35 test builds up to v6.35rc9)

  • Changed client loader status field to be wider in order to fit some of the longer error messages.
  • Fixed: Charts not automatically refreshing.
  • Fix XML backup import (again, broken in one of last v6.34rc builds).
  • Fix various server crashes.
  • Fix various db import crashes.
  • Fix server crash on Agent configuration change.


This build includes all changes for The Dude up to v6.36rc19.

  • ) arm - added Dude server support;
  • ) Fixed - Client crash on version upgrade, if client had previously already connected to some server;
  • ) Fixed - Various server crashes.
  • ) Refactored functions (background changes).
  • ) fixed - Various memory leaks.
  • ) fixed - 100% load on one cpu core by dude process on server startup in some cases.
  • ) The Dude admins now rely on ROS users. User requires dude policy to connect to server.
  • ) The Dude now uses ROS log. Requires dude topic to be added in log rules.
  • ) Removed data based commit interval change option in server settings.
  • ) Added comment option for servers in client loader window.
  • ) Added back log panel in client.
  • ) Fix server crash that could happen on server disable event.
  • ) Various optimizations for server/client.
  • ) Various fixes and optimizations for db commit related issues. Now dude will warn user in form of log entry if there is to much commits queuing up. This will most likely point towards problem with storage drive write performance, asking user to move db to some faster storage medium.
  • ) Fixed various server crashes.
  • ) Various performance improvements on server side background tasks.
  • ) Removed some legacy setting that were no longer relevant as the dude users are now controlled by ROS AAA.